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Friday, June 25, 2010

Nosferatu (1922)

Much has been written about Nosferatu and rightly so.  This is THE vampire movie as far as I'm concerned.  Director F.W. Murnau shows us his genius as a filmmaker in every scene.  It is creepy through and through.  Max Schreck, who plays vampire Count Orlok, is superb.  His performance is other-worldly and unnerving.  You simply can't take your eyes off of him.  He dominates every scene he's in.
Nosferatu was an unauthorized adaptation of Bran Stoker's Dracula with names and other details changed because the studio could not obtain the rights to the novel.  A lawsuit by Stoker's widow followed and all known prints and negatives of the film were destroyed.  Fortunately, not all copies were lost and the film resurfaced in other countries where it has been enjoyed by many generations of horror fans.
A delightful exploration of the relationship between Murnau and Schrek hit the screen in  2000 in the fictional movie Shadow of the Vampire with John Malkovich as Murnau and Willam Defoe as Schreck.  If you've never seen it, it's well worth your time and is a wonderful homage to Nosferatu.  Dafoe's portrayal of Count Orlok is deliciously deranged and twisted.
This film is in the public domain in the United States but not in Germany, the country of its origin.  Archive.org has a copy available to view or download legally.  However, I would recommend also seeing it in one of the digitally restored copies of the film such as Nosferatu (The Ultimate Two Disc Edition) which was authorized by the F.W Murnau Foundation.  See this movie!!!!
RATING: Excellent.
Download a copy of the film from Archive.org
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.  

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