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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971)

SHOCK! AFTER SHOCK!  The sexual transformation of a man into a woman will actually take place before your very eyes!  So reads the tagline for Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde.  Just knowing this film actually exists brings a smile to my face.  I expected this to be an exploitation film but, to my surprise, it's quite good and puts an original spin on the Jekyll and Hyde story.  Hammer Studios is one of the undisputed kings of horror and this film does not disappoint.  The sets, costumes and screenplay are all excellent and deliver what you would expect from a Hammer Horror film.   
Ralph Bates is quite good as the ambitious Dr, Jekyll who is searching for the elixir of life, the secret of eternal youth.  His transformation into Sister Hyde is great with perfectly cast Martine Beswick who is a feminine dead ringer for Bates.  She shows us nearly every inch of her feminine curves and plays her role with great zeal and menace.  Character actor Gerald Sim [Frenzy, A Brides Too Far, Patriot Games] plays Bates' skeptical counterpart Dr. Robertson which is a nod to John S. Robertson who directed the original 1920 Jecklyy/Hyde silent film.  
The only complaint  I have about this film is that even at a run time of only 94 minutes for the US version, it seems a bit long and drags in a few places.  With a little bit of editing this could be one tight little thriller.  You can watch Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde instantly on Netflix.  It's far better than the title might suggest.
RATING: Very Good.
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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