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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frankenstein's Daughter (1958)

This movie was almost good but it didn't quite make it!  The basic plot involves Dr. Oliver Frank who is the grandson of the original Dr. Frankenstein.  It seems insanity runs in the family and little Ollie tries to make him a woman in hip, modern L.A.  The characters are well developed and the acting is solid as well.  [Sounds good so far.]  Here's where it all falls apart:
1.  Monster #1 looks like the really ugly girl you took to the prom because she was so nice you couldn't say no.  When she burst onto the screen in the first few minutes of the film, I laughed my ass off.  It felt like a Saturday Night Live skit instead of a horror film.
2. Monster #2 looks like a six and a half foot disfigured butch dyke.  [I did a little digging and, indeed the monster was played by a man, Harry Wilson.]  If Monster #2 was supposed to be Frankenstein's daughter why didn't they cast a woman?  I found myself hoping William Castle would have taken over and directed this film.  Somehow, he would have made it work but, for me, the makeup department fell way short of the mark,
3.  Toward the end of the film we get a three song pool party, which was a vehicle to showcase The Page Cavanaugh Trio.  It provided the WTF moment of the film and seemed completely out of place.
Oh, the tragedy of it all.  With better monsters and the absence of the Beach Blanket Bingo scene, this could have been a decent little film.  Alas, it tanked long before Frankenstein's daughter met her demise as she burst into flames at the end of the film. [Hmmm...where have I seen that before?]
Download a copy of the film from Archive.org
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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