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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forbidden Planet (1956)

Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet... oh,oh,oh, oh, oh...at the late night, double feature, picture show….Rocky Horror references aside, Forbidden Planet is the ultimate 1950's science fiction/horror movie ever made.  First of all, it looks amazing.  The sets are great and never look cheesy.  The cinematography is breathtaking and the use of vivid colors is very effective.  They did their homework and created a believable and beautiful world for us to enjoy.  Even fifty plus years later it's still a feast for the eyes. 
Secondly, the cast is great.  Anne Francis is both naiive and sexy as Altaira, the daughter of Dr. Morbius.  She wears those Star Trek mini skirts like a rock star and has her work cut our for her as the only woman in the cast.  Her love interest is a very young Leslie Nielsen [Naked Gun and Airplane] in a serious rather than comedic role.  He is also great as Commander J.J. Adams, a man's man with a softer side.  Finishing out the trinity is Walter Pidgeon [Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea] as Dr. Morbius.  He has lots of wordy and scientific dialog to pull off and, somehow, makes it all sound convincing.  The rest of the cast is solid as well.
Finally, it's a really great script that continues to give us just a little bit more information as it goes along to keep things interesting.  Its only weakness may be that its a little long on words and short on action, but the main plot is well done and well thought out.  I won't spill any of the secrets or twists in the plot.  Simply enjoy this delightful slice of 50's cinematic heaven.  
RATING: Excellent.
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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