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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Haunting (1963)

Mind numbingly boring.  That's the best description I can give of The Haunting.  It's 112 minutes of waiting for something to happen and NOTHING happens.  It's more disappointing than Paranormal Activity.  At least something finally materialized in that film.  In The Haunting it's lots of voices and pounding noises and nothing else.  ARGH!
Furthermore, lead actress Julie Harris is so over the top whiny and melodramatic that when she finally meets her demise I was relieved because I knew the film was going to end soon! 
This is not to say it was poorly made.  Director Robert Wise [The Day the Earth Stood Still, West Wise Story, The Sound of Music] gives us a beautiful looking film.  It is well made in terms of cinematography, lighting and set design.  The problem lies with the script. It just doesn't go anywhere for me.
IMDB critics gave this one 7.7 out of 10.  For the life of me, I don't know why.  If you like haunted house stories you would have better luck with William Castle's House on Haunted Hill (1959) or The Legend of Hell House (1973).  I'd skip this one altogether.
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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