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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Leopard Man (1943)

Jacques Tournier [Cat People, I Walked With a Zombie] was one of Val Lewton's "go to" directors.  I think he really has an eye for making beautiful pictures even on a budget.  The Leopard Man is no exception.  This nicely paced little thriller gets it start as a nightclub performer pulls a prank on her rival by walking into the club with a leashed black leopard.  The leopard becomes unleashed and this is where the thrills begin.  Bodies begin dropping by the question remains as to whether these murders can be blamed on the leopard or someone else?
The rival club performers are played excellently by Jean Brooks [who also starred in Lewton's The Seventh Victim] and Margo [just Margo].  They play off each other perfectly and this is the heart and soul of the movie.  The rest of the cast is solid as well.
This is a classic 1940's style thriller that may seem quite tame by today's standards.  However, there is no arguing this is a well made film which showcases Lewton's ability to make films that look like they have much bigger budgets than they do.  If you like Lewton's other films, you will definitely like this one.
RATING: Very Good.
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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