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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Stuff (1985)

The Stuff is a film that takes itself WAY too seriously.  Unlike it's predecessor The Blob (1958), The Stuff has no sense of humor whatsoever.  This is unfortunate because it needs it desperately since it's a marginal horror movie at best.  The basic story line is simple enough: a mysterious goo oozes from the earth's core and becomes the latest dessert craze.  The problem is that consuming The Stuff also turns people into zombie-like creatures who would do anything to get more Stuff, including killing those who get in their way.  This movie could have been a witty satire about the over-consumption of material goods in the good old U.S.A.  But, alas, it has no lofty aspirations such as these.  It settles for far, far less.
This is sad because it's a waste of a great cast including veteran character actors such as Michael Moriarty [Law & Order], Garrett Morris [Saturday Night Live], Paul Sorvino [Good Fellas, My Big Fat greek Wedding] and Danny Aiello [Moonstruck].  They are all trapped in this sad, little film.
Why belabor the point?  The Stuff is not a bad film, but it's not good either.
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.


  1. Creepy Creamy 'stuff' isn't it. Love the way those stuff creams controls in human bodies and bursts out of them. I really, really think they should make Six or Seven Sequels of 'The Stuff,' make them even more crazier and eerier than this film, and have them way that not only the alive deserts controls in human bodies but will mutate their bodies into flesh galoring toxic creamy mutants.

  2. They really, really should make millions of more weird cheesy horror films like this one.