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Friday, March 9, 2012

Sugar Hill (1974)

"Hello, honk, remember me?" says Diane "Sugar" Hill as her zombie hordes feed one of her enemies to a herd of hungry pigs.  "I hope they're into white trash." she says with a sly smile.  Oh my goodness, nobody should have this much fun watching a horror movie. It definitely falls into the category of "guilty pleasure."  And I'm guilty as charged!
Marki Bay channels her best Vanessa Williams as our self-empowered heroine, Sugar.  The story begins as Sugar's boyfriend, Langston, is murdered by a group of thugs who want to take over his club.  With the help of a voodoo priestess and a horde of the undead, Sugar goes out into the world to seek her revenge.  Perfect!
Marki Bay is absolutely delightful as Sugar.  She's smart, self-assured and cool as they come.  This is one tough chick that nobody should mess with.  Robert Quarry [Dr Phibes Rises Again, Count Yorga] is her arch nemesis and he fits the bill perfectly.  Add to this mix Richard Lawson [Poltergeist, Scream Blackula Scream] as inspector Valentine and a cast of talented character actors and you have a complete home run.  A shout out to Zara Cully [Mother Jefferson from TV's The Jeffersons] for her portrayal of voodoo priestess, Mama Maitresse.  She nearly steals every scene she's in.  I wouldn't want to mess with her either!
Now, let's talk about the zombies.  Kudos to Hank Edds for giving us something interesting to look at.  These zombies look more like those from Zombi 2 (1979) than they do Night of the Living Dead (1968).  They are artistically rendered with dirt, cob webs, and eyes that look like wedges of silver ping pong balls.  It doesn't sound great but it works in this film.  The music that accompanies them also adds to the feel of these Haitian voodoo zombies.  Nicely done.
There is not much more to say.  You either love or hate the blacksploitation films of the early 1970's.  For me, it's pure amore! 
RATING: Very Good.
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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