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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vamp (1986)

I have to disagree with the critics on this one.  Vamp is a decent horror film that attempts to put an 80's spin on the vampire mythos.  While it's no Lost Boys (1987), Vamp has some really good moments.  Top of my list is Grace Jones as vampire Katrina.  While she is only in a few scenes, she absolutely lights up the screen.  You simply can't take your eyes off her.  It's too bad they don't use her more in the film because her presence is mesmerizing to say the least.
The story begins with two fraternity brothers Keith and AJ who go to the big city to pick up a stripper for a pledge party only to discover they get more than they bargained for.  Chris Makepeace [My Bodyguard, Meatballs] does a great job with Keith who vamps out early on in the movie in a great "sex equals death" scene with Grace Jones.  Robert Rusler [Weird Science, A Nightmare in Elm Street 2] makes the perfect AJ who is the sensitive hero type.  He is definitely the heart and soul of this film.  The "Twilight trio" is rounded out with Dedee Pfeiffer who plays Amaretto, a typical 80's gal who is up for adventure.  An added bonus is the appearance of the one and only "Long Duk Dong" from Sixteen Candles, Gedde Watanabe.  I love that film and it was fun to see him in a slightly more subdued role.
The cinematography is also very nice in this film.  The lighting which included washes of green and purple, added a nice mood to the film.  Also the vampire make up was great.  The look was less Twilight and more sinister which worked well in the film.
The only negative things I can say about Vamp is that the soundtrack is not the best the 60's had to offer.  Plus the acting is a bit uneven in places.  However, this didn't detract from me enjoying this film.  Give this one a chance.  Don't pay attention to the 5.4 rating on IMDB.  Remember, the critics are not always right!
RATING: Very Good.
For more info check out the episode's entry in IMDB.

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