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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Videodrome (1983)

David Cronenberg is the kind of director you either love or hate.  He definitely knows how to establish an off-kilter atmosphere and keep the viewer hanging there for an hour or two.  Videodrome is a strange and wonderful film.  It takes you on one of the weirdest journeys you'll ever embark upon where reality and fantasy become so intertwined you can't tell which is which.  The special effects are also crazy and effective.  There's no CGI here.  Just really good latex work by legendary Rick Baker that's right up there with the best of John Carpenter's films.
The star of Videodrome is definitely James Woods.  Without his magnetic performance, this film would be in serious trouble.  Deborah Harry [lead singer of Blondie] is along for the ride but cannot compare to Woods' intensity on screen.  While this film is a little bit of a slow burner at times, it's a low flame the likes of which you've never seen before.
I won't ruin the plot for you.  Enjoy the film as Cronenberg creatively explores the effects of video and violence on our society.  It is thought-provoking, sometimes disturbing, and altogether unforgettable.
RATING: Excellent.
For more info check out the episode's entry in IMDB

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