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Monday, July 16, 2012

Screamtime (1986)

Screamtime is a collection of three British horror shorts that are connected by a stupid American story about two guys who steal videos from a store and then watch them.  Boy, where is the Crypt Keeper when you need him?  This is definitely not in the same league as the delightful Creepshow (1982) or Tales From the Crypt (1989).  Bad connecting material aside, all three horror shorts play it straight and underestimate the value of camp in these kinds of anthologies.  Here's how I see all three:
"That's the Way to Do It" - Its the story of a puppeteer who seems very attached to his little friends.  It's a family drama that pretty much unwinds in ways that are fairly predictable.  No surprises but decently put together.
"Dreamhouse" - A classic tale of a couple who move into a new house and "strange things start to happen"  and the wife begins seeing grisly things that no one else seems to be able to see.  This one also develops in ways you expect but the ending is a bit of a surprise which makes it a stronger entry than the first.
"Do You Believe in Faires?" - This one has some playfulness to it that makes it enjoyable.  The scene with the midget gnome is groan-worthy.  Otherwise it's a decent little story that doesn't take itself completely seriously which works in its favor.
Overall the production values on this one are quite low for the era in which it was filmed.  The copy of it I watched was grainy and the shorts felt like they were made in an earlier time period and were put together later in 1986.  The acting was decent in all there shorts.  The problem is that I couldn't get excited about any of them.  There are definitely better horror anthologies out there so why settle for just OK?
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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