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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Gore, Gore Girls: Special Edition (1972)

I think I'm scarred for life!  The Gore Gore Girls is supposed to be a cheeky comedy/gore fest.  However, the film is not as hip as it thinks it is.  It might have been funny to some in 1972 but the humor doesn't translate well to 2012.  Much of it is groan worthy and horribly misogynistic.  Furthermore, the acting is horrible which doesn't help the humor one bit.
As far as gore goes, there are buckets of it or, rather, face-fulls of it.  Director Herschell Gordon Lewis, who is known for such "classics" as Blood Feast (1963) and Wizard of Gore (1970) goes over the top in what many may classify as early torture porn.  As a disclaimer I have little patience or appreciation for this kind of horror so extended scenes of a psychopath bashing someones brains in with a hammer do nothing for me.  It's gross, disgusting and totally unnecessary.  But, hey, you just might be the kind of person who likes that kind of thing.  If that's the case you'll love with movie.
The basic plot is a simple one: Private eye Abraham Gentry, played absolutely dead-pan by Frank Kress, investigates the brutal murders of a group of strippers who dance at the same club.  That's all you need the know really.  The rest is stripper routines, horrific murders and a lame attempt to find humor in the situation.
I rate this one Bad for all the reasons stated above.  It's a low budget gross out movie that does absolutely nothing to advance the horror genre.  Now, if I could only get those 81 minutes of my life back, I'd definitely watch something else!
For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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