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Monday, September 17, 2012

Burn, Witch, Burn (1962)

While those who are Wiccan will probably roll their eyes at the ridiculous portrayal of witchcraft in this film, Burn, Witch, Burn is a tense thriller.  It's success lies in the tour de force performances of Peter Wyngarde [Flash Gordon]  and Janet Blair as Norman and Tansy Taylor.  Norman is a successful college professor.  Tansy is his devoted wife who would do ANYTHING to ensure her husband's rise to the top, including cast magic spells on him and the entire faculty!  When he discovers what she's doing, he demands she destroy the tools of her trade.  This sets into motion evil forces who take the couple for a crazy supernatural ride.  Wyngarde and Blair are excellent in their roles.  They draw the viewer into the story quickly and one cannot help but sit on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what happens next.

Burn, Witch, Burn is definitely enhanced by a well written screenplay.  Richard Matheson [I Am Legend] co-wrote the script based on a novel by Fritz Leiber, Jr.  The dialogue is smart and the pacing of the story is perfect.  Kudos as well to director Sidney Hayers who captures the tension between the two main actors perfectly.  His work here reminds me a bit of Alfred Hitchcock.  Finally, the soundtrack is beautifully orchestrated and greatly adds to the feel of the film.

Don't miss this one.  It may not be well known but it should be.  It's definitely a keeper!

RATING: Excellent.

For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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