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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Evictors (1979)

A young couple buy a rural Louisiana farmhouse in 1942 and try to make it their home...except there is someone or something else who thinks its their home as well!  It's a classic theme with the feel of a period crime drama with horror elements to it.  The plot to The Evictors is pretty run of the mill.  There are really no big surprises or shocking revelations.  At the beginning of the movie they say it is "inspired" by a series of true events which usually means it has strayed so far from the truth that its origins are virtually unrecognizable.  This is not to say that The Evictors is a bad movie.  It's just not that interesting.

The Evictor's bright spot is definitely the two main characters Ben and Ruth Watkins, played by Michael Parks [From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill] and Jessica Parker [Suspiria, Minority Report].  The actors have very good chemistry together and make the audience care what happens to them.  Parker is especially good and the movie would be in serious trouble without her.

The direction and pacing of the film is fine.  The problem is that it's just not that interesting.  The other negative criticism I have of it is that although it's supposed to occur in the 1940's there is something about the set decoration and costumes that feels a bit off.  Yes, all the classic props are there.  But unlike Christmas Story which captured its time period perfectly, there is something here that is not quite right.  Anyone else feel that way?

The Evictors has the feel of a made for TV movie and is perfectly fine for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  However, if you're looking for maximum thrills with lots of twist and turns, you better look elsewhere.


For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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