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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Asylum (1972)

As horror anthologies go, this is a really good one.  While it doesn't have the cheeky sense of humor of Creepshow (1982), Asylum has a well written script with a few scares and surprises along the way.  This collection of four stories are tied together by the tale of a young psychiatrist [Robert Powell who also played Jesus in Jesus of Nazareth] who has to interview four mental patients as a requirement for his employment at the asylum.  Each inmate then has their own vignette.

All four work rather well, although my favorites are the first two.  Frozen Fear has a dysfunctional couple who are slowly sucking the life out of each other.  I won't spoil the fun but where this story goes is on a crazy journey with nice special effects that made me giggle with glee.  

The Weird Taylor is actually a remake of The Weird Taylor episode from Boris Karloff's Thriller TV Series.  This time out we have the one and only Peter Cushing [Horror of Dracula, Star Wars] as Mr Smith who contracts a local tailor to make a suit for his son.  He gives the tailor a bolt of unusual cloth along with some strange instructions for how to make the suit.  This reboot is just as satisfying as the original Thriller episode.

Director Roy Ward Baker [Dr Jekyl & Sister Hyde, The Avengers] takes his time with each story so that the production does not feel rushed.  He gives lots of attention to detail and has a marvelous cast of British actors to work with which also includes Britt Ekland [The Wicker Man, The Man With the Golden Gun] and Herbert Lom [1962's Phantom of the Opera, 1971's Murders in the Rue Morgue].  

If you're a fan of Hammer Horror, then you definitely need to give this one a try.  There's no gore here, but there are lots of well told and interesting stories to be found.

RATING: Very Good.

For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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