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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dark Tower (1989)

Who knew that vengeful supernatural spirits could be so boring?  Alas Dark Tower is an failure of epic proportions.  Why?  Let's start with the screenplay.  The dialogue is absolutely ridiculous in places.  Not even the best of actors could make this drivel sound compelling.  

Secondly, original director Wiederhorn [Return of the Living Dead: Part 2, Shock Waves] was replaced during production by Freddie Francis [The Elephant Man, Cape Fear].  This is NEVER a good sign.  It means they knew the film was tanking and they hoped a new director could pull it from the depths to which is was sinking.  In the case of Dark Tower, this is not happen!

Finally the film felt a bit miscast.  Michael Moriarty [Law & Order, Troll] is solid as Dennis Randall, the detective who comes to investigate the mysterious death of a man who fell off a skyscraper and gets more than he bargained for.  However, both the female lead and the psychic are god-awful.  Jenny Agutter [Logan's Run, Child's Play 2] supposedly killed her husband in cold blood but she seems about as menacing as a basket full of kittens.  He needed an smart and feisty woman in this role but we didn't get one.  Theodore Bikel absolutely bombs as the psychic who keeps trying to carry on a conversation with the haunted skyscraper.  To his credit, the dialogue is horrible to begin with but I couldn't stop thinking what Donald Pleasence [Halloween] could have done with the role.  He is somehow able to make the most inane dialogue sound convincing and his talents were sorely needed on this film.

What more needs to be said.  PLEASE, if you love supernatural themed movies, skip this one altogether.  Yawn!


For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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