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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lisa and the Devil (1974)

I am a fan of Mario Bava's work [Kill, Baby, Kill; Planet of the Vampires] but I must admit I just didn't care for Lisa and the Devil.  The story begins when Lisa [Elke Sommer] gets lost in an ancient Roman city and becomes a house guest at a strange, decaying mansion inhabited by a creepy family.  Sommer is O.K. as Lisa but her character spends far too much time running and screaming.  While this is a characteristic of a number of Italian horror films of this era, I found it a bit annoying in this case.  

Lisa and the Devil also stars Telly Savalas [Kojak] as Leandro the butler who could actually be the Devil incarnate.  He gives the most interesting performance in the film but there are times when I felt like they underused him as an actor.

The plot is a bit hard to follow at times and takes the viewer on a rather strange journey [How strange is it?].  While I enjoy strange journeys, I didn't care for this one because it was confusing for no reason at all.  Furthermore, the ending left me groaning with disappointment.  It's hard to believe the film is only 92 minutes long because it felt much longer.  It was tedious at times and even the horror elements were not up to par.

Maybe somebody out there likes this film and can tell me why.  While the critics on IMDB average this one at 6.2, I give it about a 4.  Director Mario Bava is wonderfully creative and Lisa and the Devil simply isn't as good as it should or could be.


For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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