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Friday, April 5, 2013

Tales From The Crypt (1972)

Before the amazing 1989 HBO Series Tales From The Crypt came into being, there was a film bearing the same name.  This version of Tales is lower on humor and higher on horror but is an enjoyable film nonetheless.  The "host" for these stories is the Grand Inquisitor who shows five people what the consequences of their actions might be if they let their desires get the best of them. Each segment is well done and there is not a weak one in the bunch. Here is how it breaks down:

And All Through the House - Joan Collins and a homicidal Santa at Christmas?  How can you possibly go wrong with that?  This one was one of my favorites and packs a nice emotional punch as well as a few uncomfortable giggles along the way.

Reflection of Death - It's a classic "left my wife for another woman story" that takes a few interesting and unexpected turns along the way.

Poetic Justice - Thanks to a magnificent performance by Peter Cushing, this segment was hands down my favorite.  It's the story of a grieving widower whose property is a bit of a mess.  This leads his next door neighbor to take some drastic steps to try and force him to move.  It's also got a zombie in it so what's no to like?

Wish You Were Here - A classic take on the old Monkey's Paw story.  A man is forced to file bankruptcy and his wife uses an old statue in the house that grants the bearer three wishes to try and sort things out.  Unfortunately, she just keeps digging the hole deeper.

Blind Alleys - A gripping revenge tale that takes place in a group home for blind men.  Everything is going fine until they get a new headmaster who is less than kind.  Lots of great performances in this segment.

If you like horror anthologies, definitely give this one a try. 


For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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