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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weird Woman (1944)

Weird Woman is the second of six in Universal Pictures Inner Sanctum Mysteries.  Reginald Le Borg who directed the first feature, Calling Dr. Death, is back with an even stronger film.  Lon Chaney Jr is front and center as Prof. Norman Reed, a sociologist who studies the role of superstition vs. reason in society.  Chaney is as dependable as ever but this time out he is helped by three wonderful veteran actresses.  Anne Gywnne [House of Frankenstein, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe] plays his "island bride" whom he met among a tribe of voodoo worshippers.  Evelyn Ankers [The Wolf Man, Son of Dracula] is an old flame and Elizabeth Russell [The Curse of the Cat People, Bedlam] is the wife of a rival professor.  All three are excellent and make Chaney's job easy.  I'm especially fond of Elizabeth Russell who is wonderfully charismatic on screen.

The pace of Weird Woman is a little faster than Calling Dr. Death and the plot is much more interesting.  The only cheesy element here are the voodoo ritual flashbacks that look more like a Broadway musical then a cult in a religious frenzy.  This is typical of the time period, however, so I'll give it a pass.

Weird Woman is a nice little thriller that unfolds in interesting ways.  Don't miss it.

RATING: Very Good.

For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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  1. Now this is a movie that I haven't even thought about in years. Holy crap, this brings me back. I remember loving this movie.