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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll (1964) a.k.a Dr Orloff’s Monster or The Secret of Dr Orloff

Dr. Orloff’s Monster Andros HATES jazz, hussies and men who try to kill him.  He does, however, have a sweet spot for “good girl” Melissa.  Dr. Orloff’s Monster [Netflix title] is the “sequel” to the Awful Dr. Orloff.  The basic storyline is a familiar one: Dr. Orloff is dying and he passes his secrets on to his research assistant Dr. Conrad Jekyll.  [Now you understand the confusion of the title of the film.]  Where it goes from there is pretty much by the book.  No surprises here at all!

The biggest problems with this film are as follows:

1) It is set at Christmastime and they make mention of this throughout the film.  However, there are almost no Christmas decorations to be found anywhere!  Hmm.  This film could have been set any other time of year without changing anything in the plot.
2)  The monster is activated by hyper-sonic sound which isn’t abel to be detected by the human ear.  Yet, every time they use this machine we hear a high pitched whining sound.  Hmm.
3) The film is HORRIBLY misogynistic and treats all the women in the cast as little more than toys to grope and ogle at.  Argh!  All the “sluts” get murdered, and the “good girl” survives.  Puh-lease!
4) At times Dr Orloff’s Monster feels more like an Italian melodrama/soap opera than a horror film.  In my book, this is not good.

The brightest spot is Dr Jekyll’s self-loathing, alcoholic wife who has a wonderful presence on screen.  If only Bette Davis could have inhabited this role.  It would have been over-the-top delicious!

As a final ho-hum, the version streaming on Netflix is horrible.  The picture is grainy and the sound isn;t much better.  If anyone know of a better version out there, please leave a comment.  Good film quality would have definitely helped my enjoyment of Dr. Orloff.


For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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