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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Monster Club (1981)

In the name of all things unholy, why have I never seen this film? The Monster Club is a horror-comedy trilogy starring Vincent Price, John Carradine and Donald Pleasence. What's not to like about that? Price and Carradine are the "hosts" for this show which is set in a "Monsters Only" nightclub. Yes, the costumes are uber-cheesy but Price is having so much fun as vampire Erasmus that it's easy to overlook this weakness. Carradine is also the perfect foil for Price's antics.

In addition to Price's gleeful performance, the stars of the club scenes are the music acts who provide entertainment. It's classic 80's new wave/alt rock with my favorite being B A Robertson who plays a vampire crooning "Sucker For Your Love." The weird angle of his head as he performs, instead of looking out at the audience, adds greatly to the mood of the song.

The first story is about a strange monster called a "shadmock" which has a deadly whistle. It was the weakest of the three but unique enough to keep my interest.

Next in line is a dark humor vampire story with Donald Pleasence playing a vampire hunter. The story centers on a family whose kid is being bullied in school. His father in a vampire and his mother is human. The story has both serious and comedic moments and was a perfect blend of the two.

Director Roy Ward Baker [Asylum, Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde, The Vault of Horror] definitely saved the best for last. "Humgoo" was a wonderful story about a village of ghouls and a half ghoul/half human girl named Humgoo. It has heart, horror and lots of atmosphere. Nicely done!

Overall, The Monster Club is hardly a masterpiece but it sure is a lot of fun! If you like horror that is quite campy with a few dark moments thrown in for good measure, then you will find this movie quite enjoyable. It's one of those films that the whole family can see and enjoy which doesn't often happen in the horror genre.

RATING: Very Good.

For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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