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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Revenge of the Zombies (1943)

Monogram Pictures produced and released a series of low budget films from 1931 to 1953, some of which were thrillers like Revenge of the Zombies. This one is a strictly-by-the-book old-school voodoo zombie tale that is set in Louisiana. If you've seen one of these babies, you've seen them all.

Yet, this one has a few things going for it that some of the rest don't. First of all, John Carradine is quite good as Dr. Max Heinrich Von Altermann. It's the type of character he played many times in his career and has no trouble delivering his lines, even when they are sometimes poorly written.

My other favorite performance was Madame Sul-Te-Wan [King of the Zombies] who plays the good doctor's domestic servant, Mammy Beulah. She's got sass to spare and a cackle that's infectious. She's also the smartest character in the movie but doesn't let others know how observant she is.

Matan Moreland [King of the Zombies]  plays, well, Matan Moreland. He's the court jester of Revenge of the Zombies and gives the film its comedic elements. I'm sure he was a hoot in the 1940's but the ethnic stereotype he represents in these films is somewhat offensive and strange to modern audiences.

Finally, Director Steve Sekeley [The Day of the Triffids] knows how to make these low budget films work. He makes the most of a small set and paces the story well.

So, this is hardly Oscar worthy but it's not a bad little film. If you like films similar to it from this era, you will enjoy this one as well.


For more info check out the film's entry in IMDB.

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